Porkins Policy Radio episode 59 My 9/11 episode: personal experiences, Ptech, and Yasin al-Qadi

In this 9/11 anniversary episode I talk about my personal experiences on that fateful day. I recount the day as I remember it in the 8th grade, and the way it changed my life thereafter. I discuss the lack of humanity that many in the alt-media and 9/11 research community have when it comes to September 11th. I talk about the way in which 9/11 kick started the alt-media’s obsession with “terror porn.” I also explore the reasons for why we must understand this event as a tragedy andjust an excuse to rant at the “sheeple.”

In the second hour I discuss my own research into 9/11. I focus on Ptech, a little known company operating enterprise architecture software that was actively being used by nearly every important government agency on the day in question. I talk about Ptech’s owner, Yasi al-Qadi, a shadowy Saudi businessmen man who was Bin Laden’s primary financier at the time. I discuss the numerous investigations both in the US and abroad targeting al-Yadi and his various operations. I also explore the links between Yasin al-Qadi and Turkish leader Erdogan. I end by talking about the necessity of exploring groups like Ptech if we are truly serious about solving this crime.

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Show Notes:


Yasin al-Qadi

The al-Qadi Affair

Erdogan’s Son Caught With al Qaeda Financier

Turkish PM Erdogan hit by allegations of son’s meeting with “Al Qaeda financier”

Indira Singh on Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner

Indira Singh on A Closer Look with Michael Corbin

4 A Closer Look

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  • Bill  On September 20, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Hi Pearse, I live in Canada just 5 hours away north and 9/11 affected me a hell lot too. I know about Ptech since a long time, also al-Qadi, but you’re only looking at one side of the coin. Ptech was and is whatever their name is now after changing it a few times ( I know you said the name, but that was yesterday, and I just woke up).

    But yeah, Ptech was a Saudi/gulf countries AND Israeli thing. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it, don’t live in fear and don’t apologize to the cowards in this world. They’re just a waste of time. I can no longer seperate Israel and Saudi Arabia’s goals since a long time. Here’s a nice diagram of the dual citizens, Israelis and some treasonous WASPs (I imagine they are protestant. maybe not). I’m the guy who emailed you about Peter B. leaving Newsbud, been a fan of your work. I know how daunting it is for anglo people (I’m French Canadian, obviously like most people living north of your state’s border.)

    The 28 pages are a red herring because they do not talk about Israel at all, it’s something that could be played as a move in case the Saudis keep doing stuff that, especially stuff Obama and people who think rationally don’t like it seems (everyone else wants to bomb Syria, bomb Russians in Syria, and actually bomb Russia, which means the end of the world basically, which is why I think they’re gonna be able to shove off Hillary who wears catheters (I work in the health field so yeah, those weird dresses that don’t even try at giving her a nice silhouette who’s the only guy who had a little human soul left in him in that whole system and forced making peace with Iran, which I was thinking he was going to get shot for that, blamed on some random patsy, of course.

    So yeah here’s the link : I don’t know what you think of this researcher, but others seem to corroborate this to be fact just like the facts of Yasin al-Qadi and other Saudis/gulf monarchies citizens you presented here.

    Click to access Ptech_diagram.pdf

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