Porkins Policy Radio episode 63 Legally Permitted Fascism: Jeffrey Augustine on Scientology

Today we are joined once again by Jeffrey Augustine of The Scientology Money Project and Surviving Scientology Radio. Jeffrey and I begin by discussing the actual intake process an individual goes through when first introduced into Scientology. Jeffrey breaks down this process from being approached by a “body-router” on the street, to your first auditing session and beyond. Jeffrey details the way Scientology uses four important and legally binding contracts to ensnare a new recruit. These contracts make it extremely difficult to sue Scientology, and essentially signify you giving up all rights to the cult. Jeffrey also explains the legal complexities of how Scientology operates as a franchised business. We talk about the legal definition of what a Scientologist is, and how the organization is structured, and why this is so important to them.

Later we look at how Scientology is evolving as a cult and the steps it is now taking to ensure its survival. We talk about how Scientology is desperately trying to portray itself as a humanitarian group through the use of various front groups. Jeffrey talk about how the group has begun to cozy up more and more to police departments through the use of their anti-drug groups. We discuss how this is all a cynical PR attempt to make Scientology look like a benevolent group while they continue to employ the destructive teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.

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Show Notes:

Surviving Scientology

The Scientology Money Project

One weird trick every Scientologist needs to learn for “total freedom”

How L. Ron Hubbard devised Scientology’s most diabolical legal mechanisms

What Scientology “social betterment” groups are really all about

How Scientology hooks public officials on its addictive anti-drug front

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  • David Edwards  On October 24, 2016 at 4:34 am

    Excellent show, very informative. I would like to also commend you on the coolest theme music I’ve heard on a podcast!

  • D.  On November 6, 2016 at 7:12 am

    This kinda shit wouldn’t fly in Canada. The worst we had Cult-wise was Raëlians and the whole thing flopped after 35 years, especially after appearing on a live TV talkshow where the point is to have the gloves off. A very well-known newspaper caricaturist pulled on his hair bun to see if it was real. When you see Raël, you just cannot help but laugh if you are sane. Israel had to banish him because he wanted to built a temple where the wailing wall is, using that wall, and shoot a space beam or whatever from there so the Eolians could have a place to land amongst the world’s 3 big abrahamic religion’s most important city or whatever.

    France removed their “religion” status so a lot of their funds went bye-bye. Gotta say that they have one of the most hilarious logo ever. As for scientology…they got one “temple” or whatever they’re called in Montreal…and you wouldn’t know it, it’s inside a nondescript business building with a bunch of places in, dentists, work-finding help organizations, aikido and karate clubs..there is about 50 of them in a city of 2.5 million, so we’re good.

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