Porkins Policy Radio 167 Stolen Future with Stephen Singular and the Miami Herald on Jeffrey Epstein

In the first hour we are joined by frequent guest Stephen Singular to discuss his latest book Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election. We start off by discussing how this book came into being. Stephen talked about his experiences back in 2000 investigating how the election was manipulated down in Florida and who may have played a role in this. We talked about Election Systems and Software, the industry leader in electronic voting machines, and the company behind the infamous punch cards and hanging chads. Stephen talked about ES&S’ deep ties to the Republican Party and to wealthy far-right groups. Later we discuss how this problem was never solved due to 9/11 and the media’s unwillingness to probe the issue. Stephen and I talk about the future of voting and the dangers of not confronting these issues.

In the second hour I talk all about the recent Miami Herald series on Jeffrey Epstein and the subsequent media coverage. I talk about the recent settlement Epstein made with attorney Brad Edwards, explaining how this is actually a win a a step in the right direction. I also talk about the important federal case seeking to overturn the deal Epstein and his cohorts received. Later I break down the Herald’s series, Perversion of Justice, and discuss what it got right and wrong. I talk about the new information that the Herald has uncovered and how this is yet again another positive step towards real justice.

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Show Notes:


Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election

Perversion of Justice

Brad Edwards and Jack Scarola press conference

Jeffrey Epstein Settles Out of Court in Civil Trial to Avoid Release of New Info

Attorney Bradley Edwards Explains the Latest on Jeffrey Epstein’s Prosecution


Ms. Maxwell’s Motion for an Order to Show Cause re Protective Order

Declaration of Ty Gee in Support of Ms. Maxwell’s Motion for an Order to Show Cause re Protective Order

Dershowitz letter

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  • dwil  On December 14, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Hour 1: Does anyone remember the interview done with “W” just after it was announced that it looked like Gore won? He was at Jeb’s house in the living room. W was utterly pale and in disbelief and said something to the effect that (the vote outcome) he didn’t believe that to be true and the networks need to check again. It was shortly after that interview that all the sheisrty events began to occur.

  • dwil  On December 14, 2018 at 12:33 am

    Hour 2: Epstein has disappeared from the news cycle and its long gone from any meaningful Twitter thread. Additionally, when someone tells anything approaching the truth of Epstein’s NYC doings, from the time he was teaching at the all-girls school, then maybe it will be more than a blip on the radar. Oh, and Trump supporters don’t give af about Epstein. They all say, “Clinton – 26 trips on the Lolita.” That’s it, end of their story.

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