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Porkins Policy Radio episode 80 Aaron Smith Levin Scientology The Aftermath

Ex-Scientologist Aaron Smith Levin joins us once again to discuss the latest news regarding Scientology. Aaron begins by discussing his experiences on Leah Remini’s groundbreaking television series Scientology: The Aftermath. Aaron explains what it was like being interviewed and opening up about a dark chapter in his life and the trauma that Scientology brought down on him. Aaron also talks about the response from Scientology against Aaron, which has been in the form of his very own Scientology hate site. Aaron and I also discuss the significance of this new television series. Aaron explains how this is making a much bigger impact on the public; more so than recent documentaries like Going Clear. Aaron and I also explore the untold story of sexual abuse with the Church of Scientology. We delve into how the Church has covered this up time and time again. Aaron talk about several Scientology run schools, Cadet Orgs, and other related organizations where sexual abuse was going on and was covered up by Scientology. We also talk about the Office of Special Affairs practice of putting people “off lines” (barring you from doing services for the Church, but not kicking you out) after confessing to having sex with minors in auditing sessions.

In the second hour Aaron and I talk about what is currently going on in the upper management levels of Scientology. Aaron talk about David Miscavige’s latest power grab in his unending fight to control every single aspect of Scientology. We also talk about the strange case of David Miscavige’s wife Shelly, who has not been publicly seen for several years. Aaron offers his own theories as to where she is and her role with in Scientology, as well as why Miscavige may be using her as a distraction operation for people like Leah Remini and others. We address the rumors that Miscavige is sick, why he is never seen in public, and why Scientologists don’t get plastic surgery. We finish off by talking about where Scientology is headed and how the group can sustain itself given all the negative publicity it has garnered in the past few years. Aaron also tells an amazing story about driving next to David Miscavige recently down in Florida and Miscavige’s aggressive driving style.

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Show Notes:

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Newt defends Bachmann witch hunt

Blowhard racist, Newt Gingrich, has a wonderfully moronic OP-ED in Politico in which he defends Congresswoman Bachmann’s witch hunt against the Muslims Brotherhoods supposed infiltration of American politics. In the article he urges the American people to open up their eyes to the fact that radical Islam is infiltrating American politics. Gingrich claims that our political correctness has made it impossible for us to ask the hard hitting questions about Islamic infiltration. According to Newt it is the goal of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy Western civilization. But this supposed student of history fails to understand how Americas historical role as an oppressor of Muslims has led the Muslim Brotherhood to dislike America.

No where in the article does Newt mention why Muslims groups like the Brotherhood or Hamas hate the West. Newt uses the same idiotic argument that all neocons use; Muslims hate the West because of our freedom. He claims that “Munich in 1972, New York City on Sept. 11, Hasan at Fort Hood, the Times Square car bomber, the bombings in Iraq this week” are all the result of Islamic fundamentalism, not the result of decades of American oppression and murder of Muslims worldwide. The killing of Israeli athletes in Munich was a response to Israel’s murder of Palestinians, and colonization of their land. 9/11 happened because America had been killing Muslims for decades. Fort Hood and Times Square happened because two individuals were fed up with Americas attitude towards the Muslim people. Newt later makes this point as more justification of the Brotherhoods evil plans against the West and our cronies:

Just Friday, the Dubai chief of police warned about a Muslim Brotherhood effort to take over the emirates and seize their oil and natural gas wealth.

The UAE is an undemocratic human rights abusing monarchy. What is so terrifying about the Brotherhood taking control of the oil and gas reserves? Might it be that Newt doesn’t want to disrupt the flow of oil to America. The man who attacked Obama for bowing to the Saudi oil kings seems fine with bowing to the Emirati oil kings.

Newts whole argument revolves around the fact that he does not like that Muslims democratically elect groups like the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has not seized power in Egypt. The Egyptian people voted them in to office. While Newt is to much of a coward to simply admit it, he does not like that free people freely elect their leaders. Neocons like Newt bemoaned the Palestinians for not being democratic enough. But when they democratically elected Hamas the West turned of them. Countries like Tunisia and Egypt elected Islamist political parties as a direct response to Americas oppressive policies in the Arab world. If you don’t want the Brotherhood to come to power than stop oppressing Muslims.

It is a real tragedy that a decade after the 9/11 attacks politicians like Newt Gingrich are still espousing this kind of false rhetoric. It seems that our elites, yes Newt your an an elite, are still trying to trick Americans into thinking that Muslims hate us because of who we are, not because of our actions. The sheepish American public need to actually understand how our policies effect the rest of the world. If they don’t, and instead listen to racists like Newt Gingrich, then we are destined for another terrorist attack on American soil.

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