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The Ochelli Effect – Justice Peace Probably Unrelated

From Ochelli.com

Mike and Chuck have a bit of trouble getting connected. Without question, there was only one thing to discuss in the news. There is little justice in the land, yet peace is more wide-spread than the MSM would like to sell.

Is everyone enjoying the slow mission creep into Martial law? Could Agent Orange Asshat POTUS execute actions that resemble his threats? How will the virus, selection process, collapsing economy all come together to allegedly make what was America great again?

Pearse Redmond returned to let us know what’s up in NYC. Plus we got to hear that his stones are still with him.

Meanwhile, how long will outrage last in the streets? What is the expiration date on the patience of the American people putting up with #45? Is a bible being used as a prop for campaign ads not offensive to honest Christians? Do you have any faith in any leadership as it stands and fails?

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Noah Hurowitz Manhattan Bridge protests

Pat Robertson tells Trump that his response to the George Floyd protests “isn’t cool.”

“We didn’t make that movie!”

A new low been reached in the ongoing saga over “The Innocence of Muslims” video and the protests that have engulfed the Muslim world. The US State Department has bought $70,000 worth of TV air time in Pakistan to run adds proclaiming how they had nothing to do with making the video. These adds include this pathetic statement from Sec. Clinton

Let me state very clearly, the United States has absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its contents

Here are a few things that the US government have done that may be causing people in Pakistan to protest.

-Massive drone strikes.

This one is a no brainer. Maybe Clinton has forgotten that her boss has murders hundreds of Pakistanis with robots. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that might engender some resentment towards the US government. Either the administration is completely stupid, not totally unbelievable, or they are so cynical that they don’t care. If you drop a bomb from a flying death robot and kill someone’s brother, uncle, or daughter, chances are they are not going to go out in the street and praise you.

-CIA running amok

Again this is another no brainer for the US government. America would never stand for a foreign intelligence agency running around killing and kidnapping people. Why would the Pakistanis be ok with this? The Pakistani public still remembers Raymond Davis. And guess what, they are still upset about it.

-Bin Laden raid

This one seems to be the most difficult
for Obama and his cronies to understand. The White House is still under the impression that the Pakistanis should be bowing down before their imperial overlords, kissing their feet for murdering Americas sworn enemy. The average Pakistani does not care about Bin Laden. They are more concerned with providing for their families and avoiding drone strikes, not with the fate of Bin Laden. In fact if you asked most people in Pakistan or the Muslim world at large they would agree with most of what Bin Laden preached. Most Muslims are in agreement that the constant occupation of their countries, green light for Israel to conduct wars, and support of brutal dictators are despicable policies that America is guilty of. Now while most Muslims are not in favor of flying airplanes into the Twin Towers, they are also not in favor of American special forces illegally flying into their nation and killing people. Unsurprisingly the Pakistanis also don’t like when the CIA recruits a corrupt doctor to give phony vaccinations to children in a vain attempt to find Bin Laden.

-Aid and support for military and corrupt government

This aspect may in fact be the most corrosive. American aid money and support to a corrupt military and government that willingly participates in the war on terror has led to widespread hatred of America. The Pakistani government would not be able to commit some of its more heinous crimes if it were not for American aid money. Pakistanis are not stupid. They understand that their puppet masters are controlled by Uncle Sam.

This is why people are protesting in Pakistan.

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