Porkins Policy Radio ep. 34 Gladio B Roundtable Part 2

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am no longer associated with Sibel Edmond, or BoilingFrogs/Newsbud. I think she is a con-artist and a petty and vindictive individual. If you want to know more about why I broke off all ties with Sibel you can find out more here:

On this week’s episode we continued our roundtable discussion on Gladio B with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker.  Picking up where we last left off, the three of us explored some of the reasons for Russia’s presumed intransigence in the face of mounting NATO and Gladio operations in their backyard.  As a case study for this we looked at Ayman Al Zawahiri’s little-discussed imprisonment by the Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Chechnya in 1996 while traveling with four diplomatic passports and a laptop.  We discussed why the FSB captured him as well as why they let him go.  Tom provided the context of the geopolitical situation in Russia at the time, and how this directly relates to the FSB’s actions with Zawahiri; with a defeated Soviet Union, Russia had to bide its time and begin to piece together what the new NATO strategy represented.  Sibel expanded on this by discussing similar “diplomatic” incidents that she saw take place while at the FBI, dealing with foreign nationals caught in counterintelligence operations in the US using “diplomatic passports” who, like Zawahiri, were quietly released back to their home nation.

Later we explored the recent uptick in violence in Chechnya and how this relates to an increase in NATO operations meant to destabilize Russia.  I discussed how fragmented ISIS is and how easy it is to turn on the Chechen terrorist movement’s switch. Tom asked both Sibel and me how we thought we ought to feel towards the Chechen terrorist movement:  Should we support them because of their desire to seek independence from an authoritarian state?  Or instead, should we oppose them as they are a tool of NATO power?  Sibel explained how the choices are always the lesser of two evils, and how both NATO and Russia are bad choices.  Sibel explained Gladio’s desire to break up areas such as Chechnya and Dagestan into autonomous states so that ultimately chaos will reign supreme.  We talked about the prospects for Chechnya to become one of these autonomous NATO-backed nations complete with Gulen-style schools and a Gulen power base.  Sibel later spoke about the threat of Russian nationalism to Putin’s tight grip on power.  Sibel explained that while NATO despises Putin, they ultimately need him in place as the alternative; strong Russian nationalism would be much more detrimental to the Gladio Deep State.  We ended the conversation on a philosophical note when Sibel asked Tom and me whether we would want to live in a unipolar world dominated by NATO, or in a bipolar world dominated by NATO and Russia.  This was a wide-ranging discussion that ended with more questions than answers, so we will be continuing our roundtables on these topics — and more —  next month.Quick note:  There is a special announcement at the end of the show about a new podcast series that Tom and I are working on.  It will be dealing exclusively with our research on the CIA and Hollywood and should be out in about two months.  Check out Porkins Policy Review for more updates on this.

Quick note:  There is a special announcement at the end of the show about the new podcast series that Tom and I are working on.  It will be dealing exclusively with our research on the CIA and Hollywood and should be out in a bout two months.  Check out Porkins Policy Review for more updates on this.

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Show Notes:

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  • Joseph Davis  On January 23, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Reblogged this on Joseph Davis and commented:
    I also recommend part 1 of this discussion, ‘Porkins Policy Radio ep. 30 Gladio B Rountable with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker’ https://porkinspolicyreview.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/porkins-policy-radio-ep-30-gladio-b-rountable-with-sibel-edmonds-and-tom-secker/

  • erico  On January 23, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    I really enjoyed this one. I also was surprised and pleased that you decided to tackle the issue of ‘who to support’, or how you personally felt about the ways these political games are being played.

    Living within the beast of Empire, it is hard not to sympathize to some degree with any actors, big or small, that challenge this unipolar nightmare. But, that isn’t to say that there are any actual real good guys, at least not above the local community level. As pointed out, anybody with any real chance of being a Voice of something Other won’t last long.

    Alongside the more overt political stuff you guys talk about, there is the fact that any alternative economic system, or any approach to the planet other than ruthless exploitation, is also under severe and ruthless attack. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, must interfere with the crony capitalism that is the empire. You won’t hear much about it unless you tune into the green alternative press, but anybody ‘green’ is seen as just as much of a threat to empire as the supposed Islamic terrorists. Maybe even more so, especially domestically. The security state probably locks up more people for green terrorism than actual terrorists, at least where most of really live. Most of these new horrible laws don’t actually snag too many sleeper Muslim evildoers as they do plain old/young white people who want to save a tree.

    Under the bi-polar world there at least was an actual ideological alternative. If you talk to anybody who lived under communism, many many things were better back then. Freedom to shop and work yourself to death for goodies didn’t turn out to be all that much compensation compared to lots of other types of freedom people gave up when the USSR collapsed.

    I don’t think there is a Left anymore. Just fascisms of various kinds and pathetic accommodationist appeasers who are all just bit players in the whole structure of a system that just simply will not tolerate any alternatives. As Sibel points out, most people in the world today choose between various forms of Evil, if they even get the appearance of a choice.

    I would like to hear you guys discuss how those of us nonentities who listen to the 7 real alternative media options might approach all these events. Should we hope Putin and China snarl Empire’s plans? Should we find a bit of comfort when various minor Thugs resist in some form or other? How to pay attention to the news, the bits of real news we can still get, and feel like there are parties to ‘root for’, even in a very soft way. How not to just say the whole thing is unbelievably nauseating, I’ll go back to surfing porn or something lol.

    Once a person has decided to live in an informed way, its almost impossible to choose ignorance again, no matter how appealing lol, at least not without facing major ethical questions about one’s personal integrity. But how to live with knowing, that is a hard issue. How do you guys handle those challenges personally?

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