BFP Roundtable – DOD Goes to Hollywood: Largest ever FOIA release from Pentagon’s Entertainment Liaison Office

From Boiling Frogs Post:

In this episode Tom Secker and I are joined by Professor Matthew Alford for a discussion of the Department of Defense’s’ ever increasing relation with Hollywood cinema. We discuss the history and nature of the DOD’s Hollywood Entertainment Liaison office, how this office has existed since the early 1900’s and has had a tremendous influence on the creation of our cinema and culture, the current head of the DOD Entertainment Liaison Office, Phil Strubb, and how he has gone about expanding the scope and influence of the military’s involvement in Hollywood films.

We later move on to a real bombshell – – a massive document dump that Tom and Matt received from the DOD Entertainment Liaison Office through an FOIA request. Representing the largest ever FOIA release of documents from the Pentagon’s Hollywood office, these documents offer a rare glimpse into a persistent propaganda effort by the military. The three of us would also like to encourage everyone in the BFP community to look through these documents and let us know what you find. Tom, Matt and I each discovered different nuggets of information, so we would love to see what you find yourselves. Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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