Porkins Policy Radio episode 67 Spirit Cooking Election Day Special

Today we have a special Election Day episode of the show. We are joined by good friends Tom Secker and Aaron Franz from Transresister Radio and Themes and Memes to discuss all things presidential. We begin by discussing our general outlook and feelings on the election and the traumatic effects it has had on us. Later we discuss the occult overtones through out this election and voting in general. The three of us touch on the “Spirit Cooking” scandal surrounding John Podesta and how this is yet another example of the mainstreaming of alternative culture. We also break down the idea that this election has actually reinvigorated the public’s admiration for the office of the presidency. We also touch on the idea of the electorate being the archetypal “Willing Fool” in the magik ritual that is voting.

In the second hour Tom and I discuss the documentary film The Perfect Candidate which chronicled the failed senate race of Oliver North. The two of us also explore the recent rape scandal against Donald Trump which has now been dropped by accuser Katie Johnson. We also give our predictions for what lays in store for future presidential elections; including the possible run by Kayne West.

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Show Notes:

The Age of Transitions

Themes and Memes

Uncle the Podcast

Spy Culture

Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking

Kaite Johnson Lawsuit update

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  • J  On November 15, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Good to hear you guys don’t give any credit to “Spirit Cooking”. It’s obviously nothing more than a immature delusion based off of the general public’s Hollywood idea of “Satanism”. The same goes for everything else considered to be “occult” that politicians and celebrities practice. Rather than being a genuine system of knowledge requiring understanding and wisdom, it’s a contrived aesthetic, used as an elitist social diversion, probably to further their feelings of superiority to, and detachment from, the general populace.

    • porkinspolicyreview  On November 18, 2016 at 6:42 pm

      Could not agree with you more. I really hate the way the occult has been has been perverted by the alt-media. They have no understanding of what the occult is. They all seem to think that is is evil and Satanic. None of these people really understand the complexities and positive aspects to the occult or mystery schools. Idiots like Abramovic have no idea what they are doing.

  • D.  On December 1, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    You’re disappointing Pearse here, but I’ve seen you grow more and more contrarian despite evidence (not proof, but solid evidence, like how this election was as rigged as every election since 2000, it’s solidifying even more with time with a small hiccup in 2006-2010).

    The fact is Sanders is the real winner, he played it 100% honest and what he got for it? I’m sure you know. I cannot help but say that the US is destroying itself from inside, it’s not Russians or the Chinese. It is destroying itself from the inside even at the 1% and the 1% of the 1%. Their hubris is catching up to them and yes I have no reason to doubt the emails on wikileaks are 100% failsafe since they started having them released, every single of them emails with strong SHA-512 cryptography. Assange is likely dead, as a kind of dead man’s switch was interrupted when his Internet went out. I didn’t hear facts much on this show and the one after the next one (the one with Singular was great), more just moaning and dismissing. And the rigging was done on both sides, the real counters of votes are Corporations. Until you fix that, good luck. With love from Canadia.

    reposted because I can’t understand the sudden censorship of my comments (even when positive to neutral (adding in more info)) with another email I already registered with, I see those posts I made on that other account which you do not approve. You’re becoming close to Corbett control freak mode and I still like Corbett, mostly, although I’ve seen him in his later work kind of purposefully mislead the listener/watcher a few times in the end. His 9/11 documentary is okay for example, it’s not because he has produced gold “open source” journalism before that he cannot produce meh to nothing new material to totally disappointing material. Even Dawson has a better 9/11 doc.

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