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The Corbett Report: Pearse Redmond Breaks Down The Neo-imperialism in Africa


Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review joins us for the first time to discuss how divide and rule has been used to neo-colonize the continent of Africa. We discuss how America and its allies have sown the seeds of strife, conflict and genocide in many different countries over the years, and the corporate and geopolitical interests that they are serving. We also discuss China’s role in Africa and whether it truly represents a third way.

Download Corbett Report interview 870

Trans Resister Radio ep. 86

I recently had the great pleasure of joining Aaron Franz on his show Trans Resister Radio for a wide-ranging discussion on geopolitics. In this episode, Aaron and I discuss Ukraine and Crimea, the Rwandan genocide, NATO war in Yugoslavia, war propaganda, KONY 2012, the evolution of American foreign policy, and a whole lot more.

Download Trans Resister Radio episode 86

Porkins Podcast coming soon

Dear faithful readers of Porkins Policy Review I will be featuring a podcast in the very near future.  I am in the midst of researching and setting up the podcast as we speak.  Hopefully there will be a new podcast every 2 weeks, but don’t quote me on that.  The topics will mostly be on geopolitical such as AFRICOM, Global War on Terror, government drug trafficking, national security state etc.  I will also be focusing on more domestic issues such as the left right political paradigm, influence of Big Pharma on America, predictive programing.  You get the idea.  I really hope that the readers of this blog will take the time and give the podcast a chance.

I can tell you now that the first podcast will be discussing the issue of western backed destabilization in countries such as Mali, Malaysia, Syria, Balochistan, and Iran.

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