Porkins Policy Radio episode 69 Post Election PizzaGate Rant with Robbie Martin and Chuck Ochelli

Today I am joined by frequent guests Robbie Martin and Chuck Ochelli for the second hour. Robbie and I begin by discussing our general feelings about the soon to be President Donald Trump and the post election world. We take a close look at the people that Trump is surrounding himself with as he begins to form his cabinet and administration. We pay particular attention to the small faction of neocon’s that refused to jump on the “Never Trump” bandwagon and instead supported him wholeheartedly. The two of us explore the bizarre connections some of Trumps potential cabinet members and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks. Robbie describes how Vice President elect Mike Pence played a major role in the anthrax propaganda, going so far as to be one of the victims who was infected. We talk about Rudy Giuliani’s company BioONE which was responsible for the clean up of the Florida Sun building after the first anthrax attack. We also touch on Guliani’s chemical weapons drill, Operation Tripod, which was set to be held on September 12, 2001. Robbie and I also talk about PNAC neocon James Woolsey and his efforts to blame anthrax and 9/11 on Saddam Hussein. Robbie also talks about Woolsey’s famous anthrax drill, Operation Dark Winter. We explore the idea of what Trump’s response might be to a 9/11 or biological attack with these men surrounding him.

In the second hour Chuck joins us to discuss why the so called alt-media and conspiracy culture doesn’t seem to care about what is going on behind the scenes of the Trump administration. We talk about PizzaGate and TwitterGate and how they may be being used as a mass distraction. I bring up the suspicious timing of these two stories in relation to the upcoming Jeffrey Epstein deposition. We also explore how these stories have taken on a very scary tone and response from the conspiracy culture. The three of us talk about the fact that we now have Twitter “investigators” openly proliferating alleged child pornography in an attempt to stop it. We give our own advice as to how this should be dealt with and the level to which we should involve ourselves in this sort of work. I also ask Robbie and Chuck their views on the increasing sexualization of children, and how the alt-media/conspiracy-culture may be feeding this beast. We also touch on the similarities between this and the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s, and how the occult is not all black magic child sacrifice.

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Show Notes:
Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp,” but he’s filling it with Bush-era “Crazies” instead

A Very Heavy Agenda

Media Roots




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  • Dan  On November 25, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I knew there was lesser known (also a little less batshit insane except for Woolsey and dear mother of god, what, Bolton and Gingrich are considered!?) neocons that could pop up from “nowhere” when and if Trump was elected, that were not in the pro-Hillary camp, which she did largely pick from the not so large roster of neocons out there almost all of them. Richard Perle is thankfully dying, was it you who tried or had a video “Where is Richard Perle?”. That’s the creepiest fuck of them all, as he is actually smart, not an insane lunatic like the guy with his radio show I forgot the name of and the Kagans & co. Mr.Martin with their insane Russia attack wet dreams. At least, hell, we (i’m canadian as you know so I consider our NORAD a joint military project of the highest order) know that the army relaxed its readiness to Defcon3, Hillary in 4 years made it drop from IV to II, just next to the unthinkable. When you think 911 only made it drop from Peace Time Readiness (Defcon5) to 4…you know she was rattling the eastern europeans a lot (Russians are for the most part eastern europeans, many forget, also some countries contiguous to Russia or close to it are not balls to the wall anti-Russia like Poland and the Czech Republic. They should be more worried about Merkel taking a German flag and throwing it away in disgust not long ago…

    As for Pizzagate, you’re missing the big picture, I won’t do a point by point explanation, but since the Pizzagate subreddit was removed by Spez (Aaron Swartz wept), it’s taboo on reddit outside r/conspiracy. Spez is one DC elitist also who know those people…so not surprising. If you want to understand it correctly, pedocrats.com is the way to go, and the suggested way to read it, what order to read them. Gives a hell lot of credible info. As for me 3 days ago I downloaded the r/pizzagate whole archive, it’s gonna be recreated on Voat, which is a lot more respectable than what the great site Reddit used to be.

  • ranccidizeaz  On December 8, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Calling people “conspiracy nuts” is designed to lull and desensitize the usual sleeping masses already in half a coma, to full comatose, when it comes to these sorts of “alien”/government/military “psy-ops” using isolation and ostracizing for disassociation. Is this the time to get distracted by names called? It’s happened before. It’ll happen again. Big Deal. Every time the toilet is stopped up, overflowing, people tend to get sidetracked, focused on whose DEUCE is doing the clogging. Never mind that. The FACT is, there is PLENTY of evidence and reason to believe that pedophiles infest our national and world governments, institutions and entertainment industry, at every level known to mankind. And as long as it is getting MAJOR ATTENTION, who cares if you’re “tired” of one particular scandal being mentioned. FOCUS ON THE CHILDREN AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS PREYED UPON!! You who have children should take this $&*^!@ seriously and PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN 200% because children are being photographed AND abducted, whether they’re yours or not. Discrediting real whistleblowers, and truthers, is NOTHING NEW. Why would it be different with uncovering something so despicable no one wants to even think about like CHILD ABUSE, RAPE, TRAFFICKING AND MURDER (SACRIFICES)?? “Pizzagate” can BE a 100% HOAX and the SYSTEMIC pedophile cancer CONTINUES. If the powers that shouldn’t be have to lead you down tiring rabbit holes, or embellish on a story, it’s only because the ones dedicated to these crimes against humanity, simply don’t want to be found out !!!! I don’t give TWO DONKEY D***KS what secret societies these people belong to, don’t belong to, real or unreal, what the media wants us to know or doesn’t want us to know, make videos about, speak about, or hear about concerning human including child abduction, child abuse, child trafficking, occult ritual abuse and murder-sacrifices. You’re NEVER going to convince ENOUGH OR A LOT of people that sufficient so-called “important” (and “non-important”) people DON’T have enough demons, psychosis, socio-pathology, hubris, money or perceived power to believe they WON’T get away with, of several things, PEDOPHILIA!!!! That being said, with common sense, common knowledge, along with all of the usual dead ends and coverups that “conspiracy nuts” come across, you’ve STILL got too many loose ends, TOO MANY UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. For the sake of the “LEAST OF THESE”, we simply cannot afford to think, PEDOPHILIA and HUMAN TRAFFICKING, as a problem, big or small, does not exist. These people have a cancer of the SOUL. We can smell it, if we never see their sickness. It’s not an issue of us all being “sinners” or “not perfect” and therefore ‘non-judgement”. This should be MORE about the responsibility of those who know, have children, or not, to protect human life/beings. Too much…enough…has already revealed them…revealed enough for us to think of a disgusting, depraved, sneaky lot trying to cover their own asses and tracks. Too much ass covering and not enough admittance and repentance. To these demon channelers, there IS no draining of any swamps but the sweeping the f….king internet of any information, speech and videos on a PEDOPHILIA CULTURE and OPERATIONS FURTHER REACHING, OLDER AND BIGGER THAN ANY PIZZAGATE SCANDAL ever was and THAT is the problem here: NO ACCOUNTABILITY. We don’t need bloggers, uploaders, youtubers, etc., insulting our intelligence with ideas post like, “Hey, people, it’s not just pizza gate, pizza gate, pizza gate, okay?”
    You’re only going to sound like a nitpicking SHILL on the wrong side of things. Instead, reposition your tirades to align with the WISER of us who don’t care if it’s about “Pizzagate” or “no Pizzagate.” Align yourselves with A BOMB BEING DROPPED, AN ALARM BEING SOUNDED.
    NONE OF YOU in social media, the blogosphere and youtube land are going to GET any more than a PIZZAGATE SCANDAL to toy with.
    What are you sitting around waiting for from these F….KOS!!! Televised CONFESSIONS??? That being the case, the wise thing to do would be to RIDE PIZZAGATE and rip it to pieces like an ACTUAL slice of oven-ready bbq chicken pizza. Ride this @#!@$ until it morphs into a BIGGER scandal… (if it ever does). The psy-ops may be testing the truthers’ usual short attention spans because once they get word a story might be fake, they want to hop and pretend they’ve looking for “proof.” “Conspiracy nuts” can’t get access to TRUTH. So now that you know the term “PIZZAGATE” (unless you think it’s ALL just a hoax, bait, a “fake news” trap and that the idea that no one, especially high profile people, or people in general, don’t actually @#$!@? and murder children, sacrificed to an “oven god”) make it your PRIORITY to protect your children from one end of the earth to the other, from here on out ANYWAY. This will help/serve to drastically lessen the numbers of children these ANIMALS in human form can prey upon in the future. Think of PIZZAGATE as the catalyst. The tip of a bloody iceberg, if you will. Guard your children with your lives. Let the heathens starve until the vampiric beasts see it fit to feed on each other.

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